Pellet Stove Mareli PSN 18

Pellet Stove Mareli PSN 18
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Power 18 kW
Heated area 350 m³
Dimensions 960 / 581 / 608
Efficiency 92%
Type With water jacket


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Warm, comfortable and cozy home


Technical description

The PSN series of Mareli Pellet Stoves are the perfect combination of style, design and quality. With a built-in intelligent electronic control, the use of the stove is very easy and with minimal maintenance. The presence of a precise thermostat, ensures perfect temperature control in your home. You also have the option of choosing from a wide range of colors that best suits your interior design. Ignition is achieved through a ceramic heater that lights the pellets in a matter of seconds.Plus the addition of sensors that control the combustion process, the water temperature as well as the exhaust gas flue, which is an additional guarantee for the security of the product at work.
The production of the PSN series of Mareli Pellet Stoves meets all European standards and requirements relative to the environment. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as 5-speed fuel modulation the product achieves very high efficiency and low CO emissions released into the atmosphere. All products have a two-year full warranty with the option to extend it *.
The PSN 18 KW and 24 KW supplement perfectly the Mareli family of products with a stylish yet practical design. Whether you heat your apartment, house or office, you will always find a product to suit your needs and budget - quality is guaranteed and unmatched. Our team is fully available to advise you in any situation.
Every product is tested according to European quality standards.

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Different colors


Lower power
consumption levels

Fast worm up in
just a few minutes

Low pellet
fuel consumption

Warm, comfortable and cozy home

Perfect air and
thermal comfort

Controlled interior and
exterior thermal environment

Heat the entire home with a
single stove

Domestic hot water – boiler

Beautiful view of the flame in
less than 1 minute

No risk of smoke
emissions in the room


control panel

Easy to install in
any place


Works with all
A-class pellets


Built for almost
autonomous operation

Precise thermostat

Product in line with
European Regulations

5 step fuel
control system


Eco friendly


Low emissions in