We believe that efficient heating must be accessible to all. This idea is at the heart of what we do at Mareli Systems. 
We strive to produce quality products, while at the same time trying to maintain affordable prices, so that everyone can make their dream a reality. 


We at Mareli Systems have a complete range of high-performance eco-friendly products - pellet stoves, pellet boilers and pellet burners.


During the last 10 years of our activity we have gained experience and know how to apply it in the development of new products and designs. We have high-tech machines that guarantee repeatability and precision. We make our products as easy as possible for our customers to use. Our goal is to constantly evolve with the ever-increasing demand for efficient and environmentally friendly heating. We are proud to be a Bulgarian company and every product we make is guaranteed to be “Made in Bulgaria”.


Quality and environmental protection are topics we take very seriously. All our products are regularly tested and meet the highest international standards for emissions. The energy efficiency of our products ranges from A + to A ++.


The aim of our company is to provide customers with high quality products at affordable prices. Following market trends, we are able to offer optimal and cost-effective efficient heating solutions. Thanks to this and the continued professionalism of our team, we have already been able to successfully sell our products in more than 18 countries.