Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a fire?
All of our stoves are equipped with a starter. What this means is that All you have to do is just put the fuel (pellets) in and turn on the stove everything else is automatic. Plus if you want to learn in detail about this process our instruction manual is always available to you.

What are the signs of problems with the stove?
Normally if the stove is reasonably looked after there should be close to no problems. The Mareli products are built with autonomous operation in mind. However the level of air intake sometimes needs to be adjusted. Mining that if the flame is too strong or too weak the product might need more or less air. Furthermore there are safeguards in place for any machanicanicale failure should it occur. What this means is that if a component fails the product simply shuts down.

How do I shut down the Mareli products?
All of our products are equipped with a state of the art control console. So it is just a matter of setting the controls to OFF.

What happens in a power outage?
In this circumstances the product continues to operate although there is no more fuel that goes into the stove, it just burns out the fuel that remains in the burn chamber. This may take from a few minutes to an hour or more.

How often do the Mareli products need to be cleaned?
This depends on the frequency of usage of the product as well as the quality of fuel that is used by the end user. However in a general sense we recommend cleaning our products every 2 to 4 weeks for top efficiency.

What are wood pellets produced from?
Pellets are made from wood waste. Usually sawdust is used most frequently. Wood pellets are very dense and dry thus very efficient as a fuel source much more efficient than using traditional wood.

How do I determine the type of product that is best for my home?
Every Mareli Product is built to handle a specific heating area мaximum. When choosing one of our products you should look at the structure of your home. Is it a single or multi storied home or is it a big open space. In all of this scenarios you can be sure that Mareli Products are the most cost efficient way to heat your entire home.

Is floor protection required for Mareli product?
In general if the product is installed on a thermal resistance surface then floor protection is not compulsory. However if this is not the case if the stove is to be installed on a wooden or any other combustible surface floor protection is necessary.