Guide for Mareli pellet stoves

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Buyer's Guide for Mareli pellet stoves
With the ever increasing costs for electricity, homeowners little by little are looking to invest into more efficient heating solutions that will save them money. In this regard pellet stoves become ever more popular. Pellet stoves share a similar design as wood stoves, however they radically differ in the way they work as well as manage heat. They use pellets as their main fuel source, which are made from recycled materials such as wood shavings,sawdust from the furniture industry or even corn. We Mareli Systems use pellets as a fuel source because they offer us the possibility to create for our customers a low cost and efficient products.

The advantages to burning pellets
- They are made from recycled material from the wood Industry. This means that it is not thrown away, but used. Plus it makes us less dependent on oil.
- The Mareli pellet stoves have a very robust combustion mechanism, making the pellets burn very hot.This in turn increases the efficiency considerably (over 92%) in regards to conventional wood stoves.
- Wood Pellet produces much less ash. This means that you go from cleaning a few times a week your conventional wood stove to a few times a season with Mareli pellet stoves.

How to choose a stove that is right for you
There are several factors to consider when choosing a perfect Mareli pellet stove:
- The designated space that you have for the stove is important because it will determine ultimately the size of the stove that you can install as well as the power of the stove that you can put in.
- Heat output is also very important. If you choose a stove with insufficient heat output for the surface area the performance will be slow and the stove will operate at 100% all the time making it use more fuel. We at Mareli systems try to help you make the right decision when you buy one of our products.That is why we give you all the necessary information for all our product family available at all times on our website.
- Also, if you are trying to heat your entire home using radiators connected to a Mareli pellet stove, try to determine the placements of these radiators as this information will help our professional to determine how much heat power you might need for optimal performance.

We at Mareli System always look for excellence in the services that we provide to our customers. Our products are built and designed with the highest standards in mind. We always value your feedback as it helps us improve as a company and create products that you need.

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