The latest trends in heating

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Energy Efficiency
Energy consumption is a constant concern for costumers in the present market conditions. Costumers always search for maximum power and performance while saving on their power bill. With this in mind alternative heating solution was created. Perfect example, are pellet stoves and boilers. Their power cost is low and they use fuel (pellets) that is constantly renewable.

Design and innovation
Today clients demand perfection. A product no longer has to just exist to perform well and be efficient, but it also has to blend seamlessly into any interior. That is why design and innovation are one of the main pillars upon which we at Mareli Systems build our family of products.

Gone are the days where you buy a heating product expecting it to break when you push it too hard. Today all heating products are rigorously tested to make them as safe as possible. Mareli products are pushed to the limit before they even leave the factory. We imitate the harshest conditions possible so that you can have complete confidence in our products.

Automation and controllability
With the concept of ‘smart homes’ we are moving into an era where the products that our customers buy need to be able to perform almost independently of the user. It just has to work. Minimal interaction does not mean lack of control quite the opposite in fact. Mareli products give the user granular control over the menu console so that you can refine them to fit your specific environment perfectly.

Easy to use
In 2016 even the most complex technology has to be easily understood and quickly adopted by the common user in order for it to be successful. We at Mareli Systems usе technology in order to simplify the learning process so that our customers always feel that they have total control over the product that they buy.

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