Ecology and economy

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Since the beginning of our existence, human ambition to constantly develop was key to quicker progress. Out of these efforts powerful economies like China, The United States and others appeared. However, in the XIX century, these titans of industry must take efficiency into account when talking about future development.
This is a conscientious effort on their part to reduce CO2 emissions. This sparked interest in developing a new science ‘the economics of ecology’ where bitter rivals go hand in hand. The entire point of it is to answer the question: How can we continue to move forward while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment ?
One of the most evident solutions to this is to educate the future business minds that will create the next apple or google, in the methods, that they can apply today to be more environmentally friendly. Oxford is a shining example of this. In 2016 they have created a comprehensive programme that is shedding light on key economic transformation and policy applications in this field. It incorporates a wide variety of disciplines: economics, ecology, physics, environmental sciences, sociology, psychology, complex systems theory and others.
The science of ecological economy sees people not only as consumers but also as social elements. Meaning that when buying products or consuming services the question is no longer only what to consume and when, but how to consume it and what impact will this have on the ecosystem as a whole. Meaning that at present day supply and demand is no longer king, there are other cultural, social and ecological factors to take into account.
This change in the economic paradigm, has spawned new companies that make sustainability and ecology their main selling points.Sustainability: offer products that have as little impact on the environment as possible without compromise on performance.
The industry that needs to adapt the most to these changes is ‘The Power Industry’. More specifically ‘The Heating Industry’ that for a long time remained impervious to change in terms of fuel sources as well as efficiency ratings. Now, as the consumer tendencies have evolved, companies have to play by new rules in order stay in front of the competition.
In trying to get there oftentimes businesses charge a premium for these extra features and customers because of a lack of choice take this as norm. In the case of our company ‘MARELI SYSTEMS’ the strategy from day one is to offer great cost effective solutions to our clients that they won't find anywhere else. This means that our clients are very important to us. Through their feedback we are constantly perfecting our products in order to make them more user friendly and efficient. Over the years, this strategy has put us in the number one position on the Bulgarian market.
However, this is just the beginning of our journey, we are motivated to improve and offer our products to new markets all over the world...

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