Questions about pellets

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FAQWhat are wood pellets?
Wood pellets are a type of fuel made from wood. The main dimensions are 6mm-8mm in diameter, with a length between 5-30mm.

How long can one store wood pellets?
Usually if wood pellets are being kept in a dry place, they can remain usable for a very long time. It’s not recommended to expose wood pellet to a humid environment, this leads them to expand and become virtually unusable. Our recommendation is to designate a dry place in your home where you can store pellets safely.

How eco-friendly are wood pellets?
Wood pellets are one of the most eco-friendly fuel source at the present day.Not only that but it’s renewable as well. However the biggest advantage to using wood pellets is low Carbon Dioxide emissions. This fuel source release 90% less CO2 emissions than heating oil.

How much ash is produced from wood pellets?
In comparison with burning wood, pellets are very low maintenance. In general pellets produce less than 0.7% of ash if we take into consideration the quantity of fuel used over a season. An ash tray would normally only need to be emptied 1 to 2 times per season. Plus, all Mareli products have autonomous cleaning solutions built into the products, so that you can rest assured that your Mareli heating solution will always perform optimally.

What can I do with the ashes?
Ashes from wood pellets are excellent to be used as fertiliser. However, be careful when using it as the ashes must be completely dry.

Where can I buy pellets as a wood fuel?
With the ever growing popularity of ecological heating solutions wood pellets gain traction as a fuel source. Today you, can buy wood pellets in all countries all over the world. A lot of the time retailers that sell heating solutions offer a great choice of the very best wood pellets. They can also give good advice on what wood pellet not to buy as that may hinder the performance of your product.

How many tonnes of pellets am I likely to need?
This will depend on how often you use the stove or any other Mareli product as well as the heat intensity that you choose on the thermostat. Plus a big factor will be the level of energy-efficiency of your habitat. If we consider that the wood pellets burn at a 100% efficiency one tonne of material delivers approximately 4800 Kwh of heat. At this rate if we take two extremes: a small home that is well insulated might need only 2 tonnes of pellets per year, whereas a large home that is older might require three to four tonnes per year. Whatever the case, if you choose our wood pellet products it will significantly decrease your heating bills as well as waste products that you have to get rid of.

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